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Dream your life, live your dream !

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Day dreams, nights dreams, your dreams, ... ?

What are your dreams? Are you living your dreams?

About 10 Years ago I was traveling in Australia. Visiting one of my best friends (at that time) for 1 month. Time of our lives as we were young and crazy.

In Australia you can travel easy with 'Wicked Campers'. These vans you can rent, drive around, sleep in them and drop them off at another place.

On these vans are mostly some one-liners (a phrase) and some funny weird drawings :) One of those lines I read on a van @ Byron bay was: 'Don't dream your life, live your dream.'

This line always stayed in my head and later, when following my dreams, I created The Happy Vans in Mallorca. The Happy Vans are day trips to explore your destiny and yourself, not renting vans, to avoid confusion!

With the knowledge and experience I have right now in life about energies, I created my one-liner a while ago. Some people told me: How dare you, you must be full of yourself!

Why not? I am God. You are God. I love myself fully and I am aware of our powers. I don't think I am better or worse than others.

One-liners have been created in the past and we can build on them or transform them as we are living in a different time area with different knowledge.

My first one-liner

Dream your life, live your dream ! It's good to start to realize what your dreams are. What do you really want in life? I asked around 1000 people and half doesn't know, most of the other half says "travel the world' or 'have a family'. This one question always helps for me: What would you regret not having done when you are in your dying bed?

Write it down, in detail.

I created a dream board so you can find out your dreams more easy.

If you feel like, you can always ask me for more information about this or join a session in my Heal-coaching.

Love and light for all

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Mar 13, 2021

Love your post! Keep inspire others and shine light to subjects that matter. X

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